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Side Extension with Roof Lights
This shows a neat installation of EPDM rubber onto a side extension with roof lights. Water-based glue was used to adhere the Firestone RubberCover to the deck, and contact adhesive was used on the upstands. The corners are sealed with primer and 9" flashing tape. The roof is now ready for the roof lights to be installed.

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Garage Roof
This garage has been fitted with EPDM in just one day and looks great. Our Firestone RubberCover suits this type of application perfectly. This garage roof previously had issues with the old chippings and moss blocking the gutters, so this customer was particularly delighted.

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Roof Gulley
Our Firestone RubberCover is brilliant for lining gullies. The rubber can be pressed in and out in one piece which eliminates the chance of leakage. It is best to used contact adhesive to adhere the upstands. Don't forget to order your 9" flashing tape and primer to seal the ends.

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Roof Vents
This shows EPDM rubber installed over roof vents and upstands. Firestone RubberCover is perfect for dressing up and over high upstands, and this roof has also had a few vent pipes and a roof light sealed using primer, pipe seals and flashing tape.

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Roof Insulation
In order to comply with building regulations, roofs above living accommodation should be insulated. Overlaying foil backed insulation with plywood or OSB and securing with long screws is a great way of doing this. It usually means that the perimeter fascias need to be raised or changed due to the extra height.

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Sloping Extension
This is a modern-style roof that has been fitted with Firestone RubberCover. Because of the sloping extension and the shape of the roof, there were lots of detail work that needed to be sealed. Using EPDM rubber, this roof looks stylish and neat.

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Rendered Wall
This shows EPDM RubberCover sealed to a rendered wall. The best way of doing this is to remove render up to a height of about 8". Then you must adhere the rubber to the brickwork, securing will wall trim. Following this, you should install a bell drip and render.

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Roof Lights
Firestone RubberCover is great for sealing roof lights and corners. The EPDM rubber can be sealed using 9" flashing tape and primer. Bear in mind, the membrane can be a bit dusty just after installation. But, this should wash away with a little rainwater.

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Sloping Roof
EPDM is versatile and can be used on a variety of roofs. The general rule is that if you can walk on it, you can rubber it! This roof shows how the membrane goes underneath slates. You just need to remove the bottom few courses of slate or tile and adhere the Firestone RubberCover to the board behind. Then, reinstate the tiles or slates to seal.

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Houseboat Roof
This houseboat has been fitted with a Firestone RubberCover roof. It has given it a nice, smooth finish that will look sharp for years to come. The few hollows on the roof are where a couple of skylights will be installed at a later date.

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10 Item(s)