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Flashings & Seam Tapes

Our range of genuine Techno EPDM flashing tape is used to seal & finish corners or join EPDM seams together. EPDM flashings are cost-effective and the price is reflective of this quality. EPDM flashings have the ability to create a weatherproof and watertight seal in any scenario. Our weather-tight EPDM flashing is extremely flexible, meaning it can be formed to fit any irregular shapes or surfaces. Additionally, our EPDM flashings tape will not shrink, bridge or delaminate due to the stress or movement within the roofing system. Pair our EPDM flashings with our EPDM sealants and primers for ultimate durability and performance.

Roof Flashings and Rubber Roofing Seam Tapes

RubberRoofs Firestone seam tapes and flashings are a must have for any commercial/residential EPDM roofing project. With quality reflected in the price, and available in both black and brown, you can be sure your roof will be finished to the highest of quality with promised longevity.

Choosing Flashings & Seam Tapes

Our RubberRoofs flashings and seam tapes are made to be able to fit any irregular shaped roof or surface, with a wide range of uses, from splicing to finishing corners. You can be certain that you'll achieve that perfect weatherproofed finish when you purchase from us.

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Pay securely and safely with RubberRoofs on any transaction. Utilise our Next Day Delivery system by ordering before 2:30pm.

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