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Fitting EPDM Membrane around your new Skylight

August 26, 2021 | General
Fitting EPDM Membrane around your new Skylight

Skylights are becoming increasingly popular, especially as people are becoming more and more aware of energy efficiency being the way to go when it comes to lighting their homes.

Providing an alternative to the standard windows you see in most houses, as well as artificial lighting, skylights are an excellent way to bring in natural light to rooms that may not have the standard windows or space for them. Skylights generally come with either double, triple or quadruple glazing, with an insulated upstand. If you are confident enough to do this as a DIY project, read ahead. If you're not as confident, make sure you contact a local roofing contractor. 

In this blog post, we are going to explain how to fit an epdm flat roof around your new skylight. 

First and foremost, before ordering your membrane you will need to know exactly where you plan to place the skylight, you will need to take into consideration the size and measurements, as well as opening mechanisms if any. 

Once confirmed, you will need to ensure the upstand that you build has been designed to raise around 4 inches off of the flat roof with a tilt at around 15 degrees. 

Prior to the installation of your new window, you will need to measure and mark the EPDM. You will need to mark out the size of the skylight in your rubber with chalk, tape or canyon. You will then need to carefully cut the membrane in a cross formation, place the EPDM over the skylight and pull back the excess rubber. Glue the EPDM to the upstand with the Firestone contact adhesive. Once glued, you can dress the corners of the skylight cut out with the 9” Firestone Quickseam Formflash and Firestone Quickprime Plus. This will ensure your skylight is fitted both efficiently and completely watertight. 

Your final step will be to fit and secure the skylight using the fixings supplied by the manufacturer. 

To purchase all the tools and materials needed to install your skylight in your flat roof, head over to the shop.

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