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EPDM Rubber Roofing In Winter Climates FAQs

January 5, 2024 | General
EPDM Rubber Roofing In Winter Climates FAQs

Winter is here, and with it, various challenges, questions & concerns. We often get asked about our EPDM roofing in winter climates, including installation and effectiveness, and in this post, we want to provide answers, and assurance, whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or DIYer. 

Before moving on to the questions, it should be noted that as a synthetic rubber, EPDM has several excellent qualities, including its durability in low-temperature conditions. EPDM retains its flexibility in winter climates and continuously performs as a durable solution.

Our Techno EPDM is no different. View our range of EPDM membranes, or our range of adhesives, sealants and primers suitable for use above 5°c.


Can You Install a Rubber Roof In Winter?

Although EPDM is a fantastic roofing material, we always recommend that an installation take place in temperatures above 5°c. This is owing to the possibility that primers or adhesives (especially water-based adhesives) will fail to create a bond between the EPDM and the roof deck. If bonding is not achieved, this will not only put the EPDM membrane at risk of damage but also mean that the roof deck will be unprotected against weathering.

Installing EPDM in cold weather

The process of installing EPDM roofing in cold weather is largely the same, however ensuring the temperature is above 5°c is essential. The primary consideration when installing EPDM in winter should be safety, and extra time should be allotted to eliminate any hazards which could result in accident/injury.

Does EPDM roofing perform well in winter?

EPDM is invaluable in winter, maintaining well in cold climates owing to its flexibility, its resistance to moisture, snow and ice, and working as an effective insulator, providing thermal resistance and helping to reduce indoor heat loss and keeping electric/gas heating consumption low.  

EPDM installation & training

To ensure that you can undertake an installation with everything you need to know, we provide training on-site at our High Wycombe premises, where our expert trainers will be able to provide you with the answers you need to ensure a watertight, weatherproofed and professional installation. Find out more about our EPDM training services.


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