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Flat Roof Extensions With EPDM

September 23, 2022 | General
Flat Roof Extensions With EPDM

Flat roof extensions have seen a large rise in popularity, especially over the last few years. Many homeowners are keen to create additional living space, so it is important to address some of the considerations homeowners need to make when planning. We are constantly seeing more and more people create an extension in preference to moving to a larger house. The increase in this is also down to many other factors. In this article, we will be covering what these things are and the best way to go about adding EPDM roof extensions onto your property.


EPDM and general roofing materials have seen a huge improvement in quality and design over the last decade, and therefore homeowners no longer need to contend with poor-quality extensions with a limited life expectancy. This is exactly where EPDM comes in and saves the day. Extensions are now both modern and stylish, as well as practical, durable and long-lasting. 

EPDM flat roof extensions are much more cost-effective, and they now require fewer materials than a pitched roof. They are also great for installing at home as a DIY project if you are so inclined. Flat roofs give you plenty of additional space and skylights can be added to the roof to add any additional natural lighting.

What to consider before extending your home

When inspecting your property for an extension, there are several points to consider, even if you have the help of professionals. The design of the roof is going to be detrimental to your project, so it is important to make sure that it is planned to a T.

The use of your new extension may also contribute to what materials you choose to use. For example, if you are creating a shed or storage style space, you may not need to accommodate any skylights for example. Whereas if you are planning more along the lines of creating a green roof space, you may need to check which EPDM installation will be best due to your roof needing to be watertight and able to carry the extra weight of foliage. 

Why is EPDM the best choice for a flat roof extension?

EPDM is an excellent choice for any flat roof extension due to the many properties EPDM possesses. 

EPDM is waterproof and provides excellent resistance against any UV and ozone, It also doesn't dry out or shrink when it gets too hot or cold so you do not need to worry about it splitting during weather changes. 

EPDM is also manufactured in large sheets. This means depending on the size of your extension, you have less reason to have to sort joins and seams that can risk leaks, tears or cracks. With the large sheets, this also means they can be cut accurately to the size of your roof. 

Another factor of EPDM is that it is simple to repair or replace. It is also a lighter material than other roofing solutions, making it simple for DIY-ers to maneuver and install themselves. 

Thanks to its construction, EPDM is suitable for most extension constructions including green roofs. With RubberRoofs, you can find this here. The EPDM forms an excellent barrier to water and micro-organisms, so there is no risk of weeds and roots growing through the surface. It is suitable for growing all types of vegetation including fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers.


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