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How to Prepare a Roof for EPDM

Step 1

Our DIY flat roof system is designed to adhere to a smooth, dry, clean timber deck. Arris rails are not needed on any exposed edges and we recommend fixing a 2 by 1 inch drip batten to all exposed perimeters.

Step 2

Ensure adjoining brickwork and chases are thoroughly swept and dust free.

Step 3

Our unique, two-piece rubber trim gutter profile has two identical sections, designed to mate together and clamp the rubber in place. Aline the top of the gutter trim approximately 5 mm below the top of the batten and fix in place with the plain fixings. The sharper section is the top, the curved section the bottom.

Step 4

If you wish to leave the existing felt in place, then we recommend over boarding with OSB or plywood.