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How to Lay EPDM Membrane

Step 1

Leave the membrane in place for approximately 30 minutes to allow to relax.

Step 2

Fold one half of the sheet back and roll a ply water-based adhesive to the deck.

Step 3

Do not apply adhesive to too large an area on very warm days, in order to prevent the glue from drying too fast.

Step 4

Carefully lay membrane onto adhesive and sweep out any air bubbles with a soft broom.

Step 5

Repeat process to the upper half of the roof.

Step 6

Thoroughly stir contact adhesive and apply a thin layer to both the up stand and the rubber.

Step 7

Allow to dry completely.

Step 8

Starting in the middle, mate the membrane to the up stand doing small sections at a time.

Step 9

Smooth out by hand and cut off excess rubber with scissors or blade.

Step 10

Use a detailed kit and primer kit to seal where the roof abuts a wall.

Step 11

Simply prime the brickwork and rubber, peel off the backing paper and stretch the self-adhesive detail kit into place.

Step 12

One detail kit is enough to seal two of these edges.

Step 13

In cold conditions, use a gentle heat source such as a hot air gun or hair dryer to help with any stretching.