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How EPDM is Contributing To a Cleaner & Greener Future

May 2, 2024 | General
How EPDM is Contributing To a Cleaner & Greener Future

In a world where the goal is to reach net zero, the focus has shifted away from using expendable materials in the hope that more renewable and energy-saving materials can instead be used. The contribution is not solely linked to government action however, and much of the onus has been spread to both households and businesses alike. 

The roofing industry has the potential to play a serious role in this, as the efficiency of roofing material as an insulator directly impacts the energy consumption of households across the UK. 

Rubber Roof Energy Savings

EPDM has achieved a lot over the years, from its scalability in both commercial and residential sectors to its robustness across a variety of industries; however, EPDM is also playing a critical role in the goal of reaching net zero by acting as an energy-saving roofing material

Today, rubber roof energy savings come from several factors, including its sustainability benefits, such as its high recyclability, its robustness across various industries and its excellent insulative properties.

How does EPDM improve the energy efficiency of households?

Many companies are playing a solid role in reducing the amount of energy used at the consumer level, including the likes of both Google and Hive’s widely adopted smart thermostats, which work to reduce the amount of energy used by a household by monitoring/limiting boiler usage. However, to further benefit from this type of technology, companies have had to step up and improve the insulative properties of their residential and commercial products.


This is where EPDM roofing shines through and plays a direct role in saving energy. EPDM as a material has excellent insulation properties, and when coupled with a warm-roof construction, can reduce the heating requirements of a household by a large margin. By removing the chances of thermal bridging with a warm roof, the usage of high-quality thermal insulation and EPDM as a roofing system, households can contribute to a green future, whilst keeping energy bills low.

How EPDM Will Excel As An Energy Saving Roofing Material

When looking at EPDM’s profile, it’s clear to see how many of its factors directly contribute to an energy-saving future, from its renewable design and manufacturing process to its installation in various industries and its reuse after being recycled. Below we explain how each of these factors contributes to a greener future.


EPDM is a very sustainable material in various applications, with our EPDM continuing to be used long after it has been retired as a roofing membrane. Once it has saved its current purpose, EPDM can be recycled to once again be used in various applications.


The average lifespan of an EPDM roof can range between 20 - 50 years. This is owing to its robustness and durability.


EPDM has several standout properties which establish it as a go-to material:

  • Durability - EPDM is extremely durable, having a high resistance to UV radiation, making it the perfect choice for a roofing application.

  • Waterproof - EPDM is waterproof, and will not allow water to pass through to the substrate in roofing applications.

We recently published our “Eco-friendly roofing” blog post, further explaining EPDM’s impact on the environment and the benefits the material brings. 

As explained above, EPDM is an excellent choice as a roofing material, and our Techno EPDM roofing membrane is a classic example. We’re proud of our product, and its contribution towards a more sustainable future.

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