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Getting the neatest finish possible can be easily achieved with our range of rubber roof edging detail products. From tapes to outlets, you can find the exact medium you need to neaten up projects with the perfect sizes available to meet your requirements. Discover more EPDM detail solutions below.

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  • Detail Kit

    Flexible self adhesive 9" flashing tape for awkward angles or corners. 1 piece 225mm by 300mm . Firestone QuickPrime plus is required for this product.



  • Metres of Firestone Quickseam 9" Formflash Per Metre²

    A flexible flashing tape used for sealing corners, pipes , outlets etc



  • Metres of Firestone Quickseam 3" Splice Tape Per Metre

    For joining two pieces of  EPDM together .

    Self adhesive  on both sides.



  • Metres of Firestone QuickSeam 5" Cover Tape, per Metre²

    Firestone 5" Cover Tape is used for joining two pieces of EPDM together when placed side by side or sealing to lead. Firestone QuickPrime Plus is required for this product.



  • Metres of Firestone Quickseam 6" Batten Coverstrip Per Metre²

    Used to seal over metal edge trims, lead flashings dressing onto tiles or to seal two abutting pieces of membrane. 



  • Metres of Firestone QuickSeam 12" Formflash, per Metre²

    A wider Firestone 12" flexible flashing used to seal larger awkward angles or details. Must be used with Firestone Quickprime Plus.



  • Metres of Firestone QuickSeam 18" SA Flashing, Metre²

    18" SA Flashing can be used to line gutters, carry out general roof repairs where cured EPDM is required, sklights, parapets, flash in drain insert pieces and pipe flanges.



  • Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Boot Seal

    For sealing around flues, pipes, soil pipes, cables etc.



  • Firestone Circular Corner Flashing

    A 216mm diameter round piece of Quickseam Flashing Tape.




  • Rainwater Outlet with Leafguard

    Rainwater Outlet with Leafguard

    Firestone flat roof pipe outlet kit with leafguard. For bonding to EPDM membrane with fast and easy installation in rainwater drains.

    Leafguard is used for protecting rainwater outlet systems from blockages caused by leaves and other debris.

    Outlet kit A and quickprime plus is required for this product.

    Comes in 3 sizes






  • 18" SA Outlet Kit A (500mm)

    Firestone QuickSeam™ SA Flashing is a piece of 457 mm (18”) wide and 500mm long 060 membrane which is laminated on one side with a self-adhesive tape.



  • Horizontal Drain Outlet with Leafguard

    EPDM horizontal outlet for through wall applications eg. parapets 9" Quickseam flashing tape and Quickprime plus primer is needed to seal.

    Comes with leaf guard.

    Outlet Kit B and quickprime plus is required for this product.


    2 sizes available

    65mm x 100mm

    100mm x 100mm



  • 12" Formflash Outlet Kit B (300mm)

    Firestone 12" QuickSeam™ Formflash is a piece of 305mm (12”) wide and 300mm long uncured EPDM strip factory-laminated to a QuickSeam Tape. The strip is designed to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetrations and other applications.



  • Firestone Quickseam Walkway Pads

    Self adhesive walkway pads, ideal to create designated walkways

    750mm x 750mm




  • Roof Vent With Cap

    This vent is designed to allow moisture to escape from un-ventilated flat roof voids in typical cold roof build ups, with mineral wool insulation on ceilings.



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15 Item(s)