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EPDM Adhesive

To ensure your rubber roof lasts as long as possible and remains in the best condition, it is vital to invest in a proper EPDM adhesive. We stock the Firestone range of products, including specialist adhesive, which is compatible with Firestone RubberCover membranes. Our full range of adhesive products are perfect for your DIY roofing project, so whether you're looking for water-based adhesive, sprays or primers, you'll find all you need for your project with us.

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  • Firestone Water Based Adhesive

    Firestone Waterbased Adhesive is used to adhere the EPDM membrane to a timber substrate only.

    2.5 litre        8 - 10 m2     

    5 litre           16 - 20 m2   

    10 litre            32 - 40 m2   

    Please stir adhesive prior to application.



  • Firestone Contact Adhesive Green

    Firestone Contact Adhesive is used to adhere the EPDM membrane to upstands, masonry and vertical surfaces. This adhesive has outstanding coverage rates, nearly double that of alternative systems.

    2.5 litre      7.5 - 10m2

    5 litre      15 - 20m2



  • Firestone 750ml Spray Contact Adhesive

    Firestone Spray Contact Adhesive is used to bond EPDM to small areas on vertical surfaces.


  • Firestone QuickPrime Plus

    Firestone QuickPrime Plus is a primer that is designed for use as an activator for QuickSeam detailing products and to effect waterproof seals.


  • Corner Adhesive

    High strength adhesive and activator to adhere RubbaTrim corners.



  • Firestone 500ml Spray Cleaner

    This spray cleaner is used for cleaning the EPDM membranes prior to formflashing, seam tape or covertape installation


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6 Item(s)