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When it comes to installing your rubber roofing, EPDM adhesive is a vital component to having a durable and long-lasting end product. We carry only the best rubber roof adhesive that offer ultimate compatibility with our Firestone RubberCover.

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  • Firestone Water Based Adhesive

    Firestone Waterbased Adhesive is used to adhere the EPDM membrane to a timber substrate only.

    2.5 litre        8 - 10 m2     

    5 litre           16 - 20 m2   

    10 litre            32 - 40 m2   

     18.9 litre      64 - 80 m2     

    Please stir adhesive prior to application.



  • Firestone Contact Adhesive Green

    Firestone Contact Adhesive is used to adhere the EPDM membrane to upstands, masonry and vertical surfaces. It can also be used as a deck adhesive on old felt, concrete, asphalt etc. This adhesive has outstanding coverage rates, nearly double that of alternative systems.

    1litre          3 - 4m2

    2.5 litre      7.5 - 10m

    2 5 litre      15 - 20m2



  • Firestone 750ml Spray Contact Adhesive

    Easy to use Firestone Spray Contact Adhesive can be used for small areas where EPDM needs to be bonded to any vertical surface.

    750ml     1 - 1.5m2




  • RubberCover Bonding Adhesive BA-2016 S 17KG

    Sprayable solvent-based contact adhesive specifically designed for bonding Firestone EPDM membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.



  • Firestone QuickPrime Plus

    Primer is needed as an activator for Quickseam detailing products.

    250 ml        7.5m of 3" splice tape or 4m of 9" Formflash.

    1 litre          30m of 3" splice tape or 16m of 9" Formflash

    3.78 litre    120m of 3" splice tape or 64m of 9" Formflash



  • Corner Adhesive

    High strength adhesive and activator to adhere RubbaTrim corners.



  • Firestone 500ml Spray Cleaner

    Easy to use Firestone Spray Cleaner can be used for cleaning the rubber prior to quickprime being applied.

    Size - 500ml



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7 Item(s)