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Side extension with rooflights
This neat install was on a side extension. Water based glue was used to adhere the Firestone RubberCover  to the deck and  contact adhesive is used on the upstands. The corners are sealed with primer and 9" flashing tape. Just ready for the rooflights now.

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This great looking garage was finished within the day and looks fab. Firestone RubberCover suits this application perfectly. Customer was particularly delighted as they had a real problem with the old chippings and moss blocking their gutters.

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Firestone RubberCover is brilliant for lining gullies. The rubber can be dressed in and out in one piece eliminating the chance of leakage. Is best to use contact adhesive to adhere to the upstands and dont forget to order the 9" flashing tape and primer to seal the ends.

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Roof  and vents
Firestone RubberCover is perfect for dressing up and over high upstands. This roof also had a few vent pipes and a rooflight sealed using primer ,pipe seals and flashing tape.

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To comply with building regs, roofs above living accomodation should be insulated. Overlaying foil backed insulation with ply or OSB, secured with long screws is an excellent way of doing this. it usually means that the perimeter fascias need to be raised or changed due to the extra height.

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Sloping extension
This modern style roof had all sorts of detail work to seal. Looks fantastic sealed with Firestone RubberCover EPDM

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Rendered wall
This RubberCover EPDM is sealed to a rendered wall. The text book way of doing this is to remove render up to a height of about 8" , adhere the rubber to the brickwork, secure with wall trim then install a belldrip and render.

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Firestone RubberCover is great for sealing rooflights and corners. Just use 9" flashing tape and primer. The membrane can be a bit dusty just after installation........... just needs some rain to wash it away.

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Sloping roof
This roof shows the membrane going under slates. Just remove the bottom few courses of slate or tile and adhere the Firestone RubberCover to the board behind. Then reinstate the tiles or slates to seal. It also shows how versatile EPDM is. If you can walk on it........ you can rubber it! 

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This house boat really benefited from the Firestone roof. Nice smooth finish that will stay looking sharp for years to come. Note the couple of hollows, that is where a couple of skylights are to be installed at a later date.

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10 Item(s)